Your Device Protection

Your Device Protection

Your Device Protection

This is done through application security by protecting the applications from threats that come through flaws in the application design, development, deployment, upgrade or maintenance.

  • Input parameter validation,
  • User/Role Authentication & Authorization
  • Session management, parameter manipulation & exception management
  • Auditing and logging.

Information security which protects information from unauthorized access to avoid identity theft and to protect privacy. Techniques used to cover this are:

  • Identification, authentication & authorization of user
  • Cryptography.

Disaster recovery planning is a process that includes performing risk assessment, establishing priorities, developing recovery strategies in case of a disaster. Having a concrete plan for disaster recovery to resume normal business operations is a lifesaving Investment.

Network security through protecting the usability, reliability, integrity and safety of the network and this is through:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall, to block unauthorized access to your network
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), to identify fast-spreading threats, such as zero-day or zero-hour attacks
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to provide secure remote access.