Sombha Solutions Store is a Ugandan owned and operated Internet and Information and Communications Technology (ISP & ICT) services provider.

Founded in 2014 and accordingly licensed by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in 2016 under a Public Service Provider (PSP) license; we have since then distinguished ourselves as a leading ISP and ICT company offering a wide range of value added and specialized products and services.

Core Values

Personalized Client Service

We provide personalized client services tailored for any need.

Reliable Products

We partner with world re-known manufacturers and service providers to deliver reliable products to our clients.

Our Goal

To fill in the ICT industry gaps that have persistently hindered business productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our mission

To provide comprehensive and quality Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services.

Customized Solutions

We provide individually tailored solutions to our clients to fulfill their specific needs.

Timeliness and Quality of service

We prioritize providing quality services in a timely fashion.

Our highly trained and experienced team approach every client individually and work to build positive and long lasting relationships based on mutual cooperation and trust with them.

What our clients say