Your Event

Your Event

Your Event

Uganda is the capital of all types of events and that is why we have developed a solution that enables event organisers to leverage the power of the internet to get customer insights of the people that attend their events. From workshops to concerts to breakfast meetings, this solution is flexible and can be tailored to meet any event of any size to ensure a seamless internet experience is delivered.


  • 1. Customers at your event logon to your event’s Wi-Fi network using their email or social media handles
  • 2. A login page that is branded with your business/events colours & logo prompts a user to input their email address or phone number
  • 3. Once filled in,users can then access the internet on their devices
  • 4. You get access to all this information to enable you to easily build your customer database which can then be used for future marketing efforts


  • Get a customised & branded Wi-Fi login page for your event
  • Send customers offers, deals and other information about your other upcoming events
  • Get reports of how customers engage with your event
  • Make more sales through repeat business
  • Keep top of mind awareness with your customers & build loyalty
  • Share special offers easily and on schedule
  • Easily build your customer database

Heard enough? Then let us help you make your next event the best one yet!