Wifi as a Service

Wifi as a service

Connect your computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet. Stay flexibly connected to the internet as long as you’re within our Sombha Solutions Store Wi-fi network coverage area.Enjoy more of Everything the Internet has to offer.

Get connected to our Sombha Wi-Fi network around you using the hotspot login below.

WiFi Site Survey

Our WiFi experts conduct a thorough and in-depth technical survey using proprietary applications to analyse several vital elements that will ensure optimal coverage and trouble-free service. The number of wireless access points required is determined based on power measurements, signal to noise ratio, channel capacity and potential interference amongst many other key test points.

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Installation and commissioning

Wifi Service uses internal resources alongside a network of certified partners for deployment. We work closely with customers to always keep any disruption to an absolute minimum, and only deploy brand new best in class hardware to deliver a reliable and fast network infrastructure.

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Technical support

Wifi Service provides 24/7 technical support which can be contacted in a variety ways such as by phone, email, through our online portal, via social media or online chat. Additionally, we have a network of field support engineers ready to assist whenever needed. Furthermore, our proactive monitoring team provides an additional layer of support by continually analysing the equipment installed in your property to tackle any incidents before they impact your guests.

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Real-time monitoring

The Wifi Service Centre is your dedicated extranet portal giving you access to your site’s network status amongst other information. Creating internet access codes, monitoring usage, access to the Wifi Service support team, hardware status reporting using dynamic floor plans of your building in real-time, and many other features are all made possible.

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WiFi Captive Portal

When users first connect to the WiFi, they will be automatically directed to a page called the “Captive Portal” to initiate their internet connection. We tailor this page to match your brand with high-resolution images and logos. No matter what type of device your guest is using, such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone, the layout responds accordingly to create a seamless experience.

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