Take advantage of a Tier 1 provider

Our IP Transit solution offers connection to all worldwide domains based on the reliability, availability and high quality of Sombha’s global IP network. We offer dedicated interconnection to other networks at cost-effective prices with solid service level agreements. As a Tier 1 provider with one of the best IP networks, we are able to handle huge traffic volumes, with a current IP throughput of over 3500 terabytes a month.


  • Tier1: One of the best IP networks

  • Direct interconnects with all major CDN , OTT and cloud networks, as well as all Tier1 networks globally

  • Transmission rates of up to 100 Gbps on a per link basis, IPv6 native and dual stack IPv4/IPv6

  • Installed peering and transit capacity

  • Broad range of technical interfaces and quality of service with special SLAs

  • Short implementation times and 24/7 support

  • Extended redundancy and repair of malfunctioning nodes within four hours

  • Strict anti-spam policy


High Quality of experience for end users

Ensuring the best quality of experience for end users is our key mission. Sombha IP Transit solution is based on redundant backbone network and reliable infrastructure and it has been sized to support the increase of Internet traffic and avoid congestion on Internet network.

End to End Solution

We provide end-to-end solutions thanks to Sombha global infrastructure and third party supplier in order to help our customers to connect in the most efficient and diverse way.

Protect your business

We collect all your traffic under attack and clean it entirely, whatever the protocol you are using and the volume of the attack. We Propose a steady business model, adjust to your needs and the risk I’m ready to take.

We allow your servers and Internet connections to operate 24/7/365 With the B2B option. You can make your DDoS Protection a center of profit, not only a cost center and add a service to your portfolio.

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We are licensed & regulated by Uganda Communications Commission ( UCC ).