Whether you need outdoor wifi or a temporary boost to the broadband of your event space, having a great internet connection will create a better and richer experience for your guests. Participants will be able to access better communication, access relevant information and resources, and most importantly share the buzz and excitement of your event, spreading the voice about your event in real time.

At Sombha Solutions we provide a variety of speeds and connection options for both large and small events, whether you are providing a wifi connection in a small hall or across a huge field or stadium, our team can help provide you with the expertise, equipment and connection speed needed to bring a great connection to your event.

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On 22nd May 2017, the American Chamber of Commerce hosted a conference at Protea Hotel and Sombha Solution Store was a proud sponsor of the event, offering internet services at the venue. The event included a video conferencing session with a team in Washington DC. The video conferencing went on for more than an hour and no interruptions or interference occured. In addition to this Sombha Solutions offered seamless wifi connectivity to all attendees of the conference for its entire duration.