Antivirus and malware

On average, 200,000 new malware samples are identified and captured every day.  Malware and viruses continue to evolve at an exponential rate, which makes it essential for you to maintain the latest Anti-virus, Malware and Ransomware protection on your network.

We’ll provide your business with the latest Endpoint protection solution that identifies and blocks malware, infections and zero zero-day attacks before they arrive on your network.

We offer on premise or cloud-based endpoint protection that will protect all of your devices from a simplified management console.

Dynamic Endpoint Security

Easy to use, single interface management of your endpoint security.

ESET Security Management Center provides a real-time overview of all your on-premise and off premise endpoints via an enterprise-grade console. Benefit from full reporting and security management for all operating systems.

  • Complete network visibility

  • Full security management

  • Flexible reporting

  • Automated security management

  • Comply with data protection regulations with remotely manageable ESET Full Disk Encryption add-on

  • All your network security management in one place

  • Secure access via web browser
  • Always the latest version – updates automatically

Better technology, more effective protection

ESET’s multilayered technology allows you to detect and react to cyber threats fast and effectively.

Ransomware shield

This technology monitors and evaluates applications and processes as they run. Any that trigger reputation warnings or display suspicious behaviour are detected and blocked – and you are alerted.


Our custom-built global detection system receives data from 110 million sensors worldwide. ESET LiveGrid® gathers signs of emerging threats in order to detect and block them before they strike.

Machine learning

ESET’s proprietary engine uses the combined power of neural networks and specially designed algorithms to identify samples as clean, potentially unwanted or malicious.

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Award-winning record of endpoint protection excellence

ESET has been winning industry awards for complete endpoint protection for more than 20 years. We’ve achieved an industry first by winning one hundred VB100 awards for malware detection.

Our convenient and easy to use multi-platform, antimalware security comes with web control, firewall and anti-spam filter. Benefit from light-on-your-system, advanced layers of protection for endpoints and networks.

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