Your Hospitality Business

Your Hospitality Business

Your Hospitality Business


The internet has without a doubt become an integral part of many people’s lives not just worldwide but in Uganda as well. Hospitality is one of the industries where Wi-Fi has become a staple, be it a bar, restaurant or any hangout place, customers feel more satisfied when they can access internet while they have a good time.

Wi-Fi access at your hospitality business is more of a necessity and less of a luxury.

At Sombha, we have made a solution that not only works for your customers but also works for you;

Our Wi-Fi as a service product dubbed “Engage” enables you to provide internet to your customers on the front end while giving you seamless customer analytics and enhanced customer engagement on the backend at absolutely NO COST.

With Engage, your customers get to enjoy;

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction due to a better customer experience
  • For while-you-wait service providers or other by-appointment businesses (like doctor’s offices, salons, and legal practices), Wi-Fi makes wait times seem shorter and even helps make your customers more comfortable if there are unforeseen delays.
  • Customers are able to do product research in-store, which lets them feel more confident about their purchasing decisions.


1. Customers at your restaurant, hangout or cafe connect their devices to your business’ Wi-Fi network.

2. A login page that is branded with your business colours & logo prompts a user to input their email address or phone number

3. Once filled in,users can then access the internet.


1.You get a personalised dashboard that enables you to get customer data

2. The dashboard breaks down customer insights that include; Measure repeat versus new customers, increase conversion rates, unlock insights and trends. 


  Improve Efficiency

  You get “free promotion for your business across various social media       outlets” and social proof that can influence potential customers’ future   decision-making. Securing your customer-facing wireless connection is   easier than ever before. Set up a separate access for customers with a   Service Set Identifier (SSID) access point, and you’re on your way to   providing great Wi-Fi while keeping your business information safe.

  Promote Productivity

  Great Wi-Fi is all about increasing productivity. Cloud-based apps make it     possible to get work done from just about anywhere and collaborate with   partners around the world. The cloud enables you to back up your data   securely so you can still access it from anywhere, no matter what happens.   These tools can consolidate and streamline your workflow, and because   they run on the web they don’t require any installation time.

 Another option is to use Wi-Fi to overhaul your telephone system. Voice   over IP (VoIP) and other internet-based communication technologies let   you effortlessly route and reroute calls, even if a key member of your team   is on the go. They scale up easily for growth, or you can leverage them to   take advantage of a distributed team. In case something goes wrong, they   offer a high level of redundancy to keep you connected to your customers.

 Business-grade Wi-Fi is the backbone of all of these technologies, so you   need a solid network to support them.

 Boost Employee Satisfaction

 A wireless network also frees up your team to find the best space for them   to focus, whether that’s a quieter space down the hall or the bustling coffee   shop next door. By allowing each employee to find an environment that   best suits him or her at a particular time (and with cloud-based   collaboration tools, that environment might be home), you increase   productivity and employee satisfaction.

  Improve Profits

  All of the above business benefits come hand-in-hand with Wi-Fi. You   don’t  need expensive equipment or to spend hours to get something up   and running to benefit from a great business network. Business Wi-Fi is a   smart investment that comes with a significant ROI. Other benefits include:

    • Empower local decision makers by enabling them to execute local campaigns while retaining global overview and control.
    • Enjoy remote cloud access on any device
    • Get a customised & branded Wi-Fi login page for your business
    • Send customers offers, deals and other information from your business
    • Get reports of how customers engage with your business
    • Make more sales through repeat business
    • Keep top of mind awareness with your customers & build loyalty
    • Share special offers easily and on schedule
    • Easily build your customer database
Make more sales through repeat business
Keep top of mind awareness with your customers & build loyalty
Share special offers easily and on schedule
Easily build your customer database